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About Us

ImproveCX, identify and improve critical interactions between our clients and their customers.


As knowledge is central to these interactions,  we help our clients to create vibrant quality knowledge and give it value by making it easy to find.


We are expert in KM and CX strategy and leveraging advanced data analytics to ensure continual service improvements.   


We enable our clients and their customers to interact and collaborate with each other. This results in happy employees and happy customers that advocate, leading to sustainable growth, reductions in total cost of ownership and increased profits.


Our founders have over 50 years of IT experience helping the best companies in the world.


Take action today,  contact us to find out how we can help you to Improve Customer and Employee Experience. 


Our values

Our values of honesty, integrity, authenticity, commitment, service and delivery are important to us.


We would prefer to humbly say "no" than make a commitment, which we can not keep.


We are transparent, straightforward and trustworthy in all our dealings with our clients, partners, associates and our employees.


We believe in conviction and not simply in convenience. We wish you well even if you select a different consultancy and help out if things subsequently go wrong.



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