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At ImproveCX, our forte is Customer Experience implementations using Oracle Knowledge (InQuira).

Our Founders have clocked up well over 25,000 hours of consulting time on Oracle Knowledge and been involved in over 90% of all projects in the EMEA and APAC over the last 10 years!  


Together with our CollaboratorsAssociates and Partners, we offer unrivalled expertise to our clients.

Our Services include Oracle Knowledge Implementations and Upgrades, Dictionary Tuning, SEO, Analytics Insights, Customer Experience Journey Mapping and Oracle Knowledge Training.


In addition, we consult on IT, KM and CX Governance and Strategy and provide best practice frameworks, which our clients can use to create action plans for achieving their goals.

Call Center Transformation

At ImproveCX we understand how new technologies are delivering the change that customers expect at points of contact, central to that is the role of the Call Center. These technologies have been described as disruptive but used properly they can also be truly revolutionary.


Read more about our Call  Center implementations here.

Digital Web Self-Service


Implementations that power customers to Self Serve offer huge cost savings to our clients.


At ImproveCX we have a wealth of experience using transformative technologies like the Cloud, ultra mobile, social, semantic search and advanced data analytics to provide rich, intuitive and powerful self serve capabilities to the best companies in the world. 


Find out more about our self-service implementations here.

Search Dictionary Tuning


Search Dictionary Tuning is all about continual service improvement and findability.


Even the best knowledge in the world has no value if one cannot easily find it intuitively and in the correct context. 


Click here to read more about how  we improve your search accuracy and help you keep it high.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping


Customer Experience Journey Mapping is a tool, which allows companies to map the interactions that their current and potential customers go through in fulfilling their needs.


Learn more about how we show our clients how to create their own specific customer journey maps and the CX Life Cycle.

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