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Web Self-Service

Implementations that power customers to Web Self-Serve offer huge cost savings to our clients.


At ImproveCX we have a wealth of experience using transformative technologies like the Cloud, ultra mobile, social, semantic search and advanced data analytics to provide rich, intuitive and powerful self serve capabilities to the best companies in the world. 


Our focus on Customer Experience ensures that we design and implement our Web Self-Service solutions to enhance Customer Satisfaction rather than act as a barrier to limit human interaction.


By using Semantic Intelligent Search we are able to determine the Intent of the customer and provide contextual and relevant information tailored to meet their specific needs. Where appropriate we can intelligently route a customer to a chat agent or provide a call-back request. Our solutions use targetted promotions to maximise cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, that add value to the self-service interactions and increase revenues. 

Web Self-Service Banking 


A large international banking and financial services group of companies headquartered in the UK. The Group Services 30 million customers work wide.


The solution was to consolidate the groups 7 brands into one web self-service knowledge management solution with natural language semantic search and integration to Live Person chat.  The solution was enhanced to include 19 product and brand combinations subsequently.


Benefits include one deployment process for any brand with one team maintaining the solution.  Consistent User Interface for all brands.  One centralised knowledge team for managing all content, with Management Information providing insights for continuous improvement and reporting operational trends.  


In 2013, it was reported that the implementation was the equivalent of having an additional 80 Call Center agents.

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