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ImproveCX offers industry-specific CX Solutions to support the needs of clients across a range of industries, including Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Media, Telco, Travel, Insurance and Government.  At ImproveCX we have a proven track record on Governance, Analytics, Strategy and Search optimization.


We use industry best practices like Kanban, Agile, Scrum and Waterfall coupled with our own established methodologies to deliver successful CX Solutions. Contact Us today to discuss our Quick Start programmes and kick start your project.

Oracle Knowledge



At ImproveCX, we are experts in Knowledge Management. 

As customer expectations rise, delivering personalized experiences that improve customer loyalty, increase acquisition and optimize efficiency is increasingly more challenging to achieve. 


Read more about our Knowledge Management implementations using Oracle Knowledge.


Digital Transformation



At ImproveCX we are experts in ensuring our clients evolve and avoid full blown transformations, which can be expensive and risky.



When a business evolves with its market, continually renewing its products and services, gaining new customers and growing the value of existing ones, it doesn't need to transform.


Find out more about digital transformation here.


At ImproveCX, we guide our clients through the best practice processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of resources in enabling them to achieve their goals.  


​Read more about  Governance here.


Contact us to learn more about our Governance Frameworks today.



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