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Call Center


At ImproveCX we understand how new technologies are delivering the change that customers expect at points of contact, central to that is the role of the Call Center. These technologies have been described as disruptive but used properly they can also be truly revolutionary.


ImproveCX runs an insight workshop for our clients to utilize. This enables them to make informed decisions about transformative technologies that they should be investing in for their Call Centers, like the Cloud, social and advanced data analytics. We provide guidance and mentoring solutions for executives that are too busy to keep pace with the accelerated changes in IT and Business that affect the efficient running of their Call Centers.


The true power of these technologies is amplified when they are seamlessly layered to work together, we know how. We start from the Employee Experience that Call Center Agent’s want and work backwards to determine the technology that will make it reality.

PPPA Ministry of Defence 


The PPPA is the Human Resources agency of the UK's Ministry of Defence. Their vision is for Call Centre Agents to be "one click and milliseconds away from the right answer". View the Interview with John Quinn, Deputy CEO to see how this Digital Transformation was achieved.


The project was lead by our one of our founders, starting with an Insight visit to the Agency's call center. Inconsistencies in answers was damaging the reputation of the agency and generating additional volumes of work. This in turn was creating poor employee experience and adversely affecting morale. Therefore, it was critical that the solution was built with end-users in mind and agents were deeply involved in the vision and the design of the solution.


The “one team” approach produced great innovations and a true understanding of the agency's business. The end result was that agents were happier and more productive and morale increased dramatically. The savings were estimated to around 500,000 to 750,000 GBP per year.


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