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The challenge for Telco’s and Mobile phone companies is to not only to attract new customers but perhaps more importantly to retain existing ones.  New consumers are enticed by attractive packages, promotions and the latest products, but when it comes to retaining existing customers, it’s about the customer experience and not being taken for granted. In this highly competitive market, delivering a superior customer service experience is the critical competitive differentiator.


Telco companies must adapt and provide better solutions in this data revolution, enabled by broadband down the pipe or smarter mobile devices that enable the user to do his/her tasks seamlessly.  Findability of consistent and accurate content and speed of access govern this sector and define leaders in this industry.

A global mobile phone manufacturer

A multi-lingual instance of Oracle Knowledge for contact centre was deployed and integrated with Siebel CRM. The natural language semantic search dictionary was specifically tuned with knowledge articles authored in 11 languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Chinese.


The implementation was recently extended by 40,000 knowledge articles allowing a legacy system to be decommissioned with resulting cost savings. 


The major benefits are superior multi-lingual search with cross-lingual capabilities. And an easily localizable user interface, which is fully integrated into Siebel CRM that allows service requests to search and link Knowledge articles.

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