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A Chabot is a computer program that can interact with you in a conversational manner.

Consider sci-fi movies where computers talk and offer intelligent human-like responses. Chatbots, implemented properly are approaching this vision and will dramatically change the way we interact with machines.


Chatting on messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger is second nature to more than 4 billion people and surveys show that two-thirds of consumers prefer using a messaging app over any channel when talking to a business.


At ImproveCX, we recognize the power of conversational interactions to drive improved customer experience and to deflect millions of low complexity calls away from your call center:



Here are some examples:


What are your store hours?


Where’s your local branch?


I need help to reset my password.


What is your return policy?


Can I book next week off?


Order me some new business cards.


When will my parcel arrive?


I want to order a Pizza




Chatbots use automated rules created using technologies such as Natural Language Processing (#NLP), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Chabots typically use the compute power of the virtual machines in the Cloud to scale and automatically respond to thousands of incoming requests with relevant and personalised answers.


Now your customers don't have to search, call or email for information. They can discover, learn and purchase, all with the help of a Chatbot.  Messaging apps are the new normal and Chabots represent a fundamental shift in the technology that will help you succeed. 


ImproveCX educates and guides organisations through strategy, design, and implementation of chatbots.  To find out more chatbots and how we can help your business succeed please contact us.




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