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SwiftMigrate - Oracle Knowledge Migration

In our experience, knowledge data migrations are risky, costly, and time-consuming.

You have to have everything perfect in the new system in time for launch day. 

Lifting and moving content takes your employees away from their day jobs and creates stress as everyone scrambles to get the mountains of content moved over just right. If any content is broken or left behind it can frustrate your users and cost your company even more!


That’s why we developed SwiftMigrate, our right every time migration solution.


Check out our video below for a quick demo or contact us to learn more.



  • Fast Knowledge Content Migrations

  • Migrate Content From Oracle Knowledge to Oracle Knowledge Advanced

  • Migrate Content From Oracle Knowledge to Oracle Knowledge

  • Migrate Content From XML, CSV, or XLS into Oracle Knowledge or Oracle Knowledge Advanced

  • Migrate Categories into Oracle Knowledge (Coming Soon to Oracle Knowledge Advanced / Service Cloud)

  • Transform content, XML, Categories, and Security Features

  • Supports all features including translations, versions, attachments, images, meta data, and tokens.

  • Extensible to solve your migration challenges and support any systems

SwiftMigrate is fast, extensible, and under continuous improvement by us! Leveraging our more than 15 years of leading successful data migrations for knowledge management software systems, we’ve designed SwiftMigrate from the ground up to deliver migrations faster and with less headache than ever before.


Using the SwiftMigrate system, we work with your team from discovery to delivery, to ensure that everything is just right in your new Knowledge Base on launch day.

Don’t tie up your staff lifting, moving, and validating content, let SwiftMigrate do the work instead.


Looking to migrate from Oracle Knowledge on Premise to Oracle Knowledge Advanced (Service Cloud)?


We can quickly migrate your users, categories, and content. Oracle Knowledge Advanced is different enough that migration is not straightforward. We’ve worked closely with our partner Oracle to understand these differences and crafted solutions that put you in control of the outcome.

Collapse category trees to fit the 3 level restriction in Oracle Knowledge Advanced. Reconcile nested views and apply new usergroups at runtime. Automatically resolves errors, maps from old to new content, migrate images and attachments (even nested repeating nodes).  

SwiftMigrate supports every feature of Oracle Knowledge and helps you make the transition to what’s different in Oracle Knowledge Advanced. Migration into Oracle Knowledge Advanced is faster and easier than ever before!

SwiftMigrate is designed to be extensible also, so as Oracle Knowledge Advanced changes, so can we. Special Configurations, unusual policy requirements, and other challenges can all be met with SwiftMigrate.

Coming from another platform?

We can help with that too! From discovery to delivery, the SwiftMigrate system ensures you will have a successful Knowledge Content migration!

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