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Our training programmes will set you on the path of becoming an expert in Customer Experience, Knowledge Management and Semantic Search. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective training on Oracle Knowledge available on the market today.  Contact us to discuss your training needs.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

CXJM is a technique that is used to identify and improve critical interactions, often called “moments that matter”.


On this half-day training participants will be instructed on the mechanics of CXJM and then put what’s been learned into action by mapping a pre-created journey.


The objective of the training is to enable customers to be able to create and map their own Journeys to drive improved interactions and engagement with their clients.   

Social Media impact on Customer Experience

Social media continues to play a major impact on Customer Experience.


This short training course is aimed at Executives that need to get up to speed on the impact of the Social Media Big 4 – Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter on Customer Experience.

Learn how Twitter can be used as a low cost support channel, how YouTube is used to deflect calls, how Facebook drives engagement and how LinkedIn can be used to boost reputation and maximise your social selling. Contact us to find out more. 

Managing the Customer Experience Information Manager
Oracle Knowledge Search tuning 

Managing the Customer experience with Information Manager is ideal training for those responsible for content administration, creation and maintenance. 


You will learn how to implement, manage knowledge, utilise workflows, create content and view revisions with Oracle Knowledge Information Manager.

Oracle Knowledge Technical Architecture and configuration

Oracle Knowledge Search training using versions 8.5 or 8.6 (on request).


Our expert trainer will give you hands-on experience configuring and tuning dictionary objects to maximise search accuracy. 



Oracle Knowledge Overview

This  Oracle Knowledge Technical Architecture & Configuration training teaches you how to implement and maintain Oracle Knowledge’s core technologies through hands-on exercises.


These technologies include Intelligent Search, Information Manager, iConnect, AnswerFlow and Analytics.

This Oracle Knowledge Management Overview version 8.5 training will walk you through Knowledge Management best practices.


Our trainers will illustrate how this solution can improve the efficiency of your contact center and be used for web self-service.


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