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Oracle Knowledge

Oracle Knowledge started life as InQuira - which was subsequently acquired by Oracle Corp.  The founders of our company held Senior Positions at InQuira and at Oracle Consulting Services before forming ImproveCX.


Oracle have invested vast sums of resources to ensure that Oracle Knowledge remains best in class.


As customer expectations rise, delivering personalized experiences that improve customer loyalty, increase acquisition and optimize efficiency is increasingly more challenging to achieve; Oracle Knowledge meets those challenges.  


It offers organizations a differentiated advantage to deliver seamless customer experiences. Oracle Knowledge is a complete, best-in-class knowledge management solution providing personalized, seamless cross-channel service and support.


The Oracle Knowledge Platform and associated applications provide a comprehensive solution to increase your customer satisfaction and make service and support teams more efficient and productive through unified knowledge.



Knowledge Platform


The Oracle Knowledge Platform is an integrated set of knowledge management capabilities including advanced natural language processing search, flexible authoring/publishing, rich analytics, guided knowledge, customizable self-service and agent facing knowledge applications.


Oracle Knowledge is built on a highly scalable J2EE architecture, and is compatible with Oracle technologies including the Oracle Database, WebLogic, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence.

Intelligent Search


The Oracle Knowledge semantic search capabilities are built on the fundamental understanding of language, leveraging automatic language detection with Natural Language Search in 36 languages.


Core language dictionaries are available in 24 languages understanding everyday terminology. Additionally multi-lingual industry dictionaries are available for major verticals including high tech, telecommunications, insurance, finance and automotive.


This core understanding of the user’s language and deep search algorithms are vital to finding precise answers from multiple external sources including the knowledge base, web sites, file systems and other internal knowledge repositories. The new release continues to provide improved efficiencies continue to deliver increased productivity and lower operation costs.

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