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Oracle Knowledge Advance

Oracle Knowledge Advanced (OKA) is a fully integrated cloud solution within the Oracle Service Cloud (OSC).


OKA enables organizations to effectively create and refine their knowledge assets to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience in 33 languages for both end customers and contact center agents.


OKA comprises a Knowledge Management solution and suite of applications that empower your business users to create and deploy semantic natural language search within the Oracle Cloud.


ImproveCX accelerates your OKA project with a targeted Quick-Start Enablement and Training package. Using Agile methodologies we work with you to rapidly prototype a solution and refine this for go-live readiness.


Our wealth of combined experience with Oracle Knowledge and Cloud technologies is second to none. We have more Oracle Knowledge Consultancy hours in our team than any professional services organization in Europe.


Contact us to find out more.



Oracle Service Cloud


The world of business is changing fast. Technology is exploding, mobile devices are everywhere, new communication channels are emerging, and social media is part of the mainstream.


All this is combining to forever change the way your customers interact with your business. At the same time, customer expectations are rising dramatically. Customers want answers fast - no matter where they are or what device they are using - and they never want to repeat their story.


Delivering Modern Customer Service means meeting these expectations. Engaging customers, empowering employees, and adapting quickly are the Three Tenets of delivering Modern Customer Service - and the Oracle Service Cloud can help you get there.

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