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Our partners provide us with a strategic advantage. They maximise our performance and productivity, allowing us to be more flexible. We leverage their knowledge and resources to makes us more competitive, a benefit which we then pass on to you, our clients. Our Partners gain extra revenue through our partnerships and together we learn to serve our now mutual clients more effectively.


Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is a business organisation for company directors, senior business leaders and entrepreneurs.


As members of the IoD, we utilize their research expertise to augment our knowledge.  We ensure that we continue to stay abreast of, and participate in, shaping the best practices used in our industry today.


We enhance our performance with their world-class learning and development. Our clients benefit from a wealth of business insights that we receive from one of largest and most respected business network in the world.


Transversal is a pioneer and leading provider of cognitive knowledge solutions for the cloud.  


Transversal passionately believe that there is a more innovative way for people to find, share and manage their collective knowledge. 

Transversal  have developed one of the world’s most advanced cognitive knowledge platforms and a new generation of knowledge solutions.


Self-service is more intuitive, front office applications are more intelligent and managing knowledge has never been easier.

Amazon WS

ImproveCX is a Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the world’s finest secure cloud services platform.

Through AWS we utilize and offer compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help our business scale and grow; efficiently, cheaply and securely.  

At ImproveCX we can spin out an Oracle Knowledge KMS Instance on AWS in under an hour a task that would normally take a week. Contact us to find out how.


Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source solutions.  


Many of the solutions we develop for our clients utilize Red Hat's enterprise grade Open Source Linux platform.  


Red Hat works with us to help our practice to solve our clients business challenges and align their IT and business strategies.  Our clients benefit from accelerated delivery of affordable enterprise grade solutions.

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