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Knowledge Management Insights Workshop

Towards the end of last year, we ran a series of workshops and made recommendations to improve the effectiveness of one of our clients online digital content team.

Click the link to request the first 5 pages of the content insight report that was delivered.

Our client had not evaluated the performance of their content team for more than six years. They wanted to know how well they were performing against their industry peers and what could be improved. Furthermore, they wanted to raise the level of importance and value of their team in the wider organisation.

Our engagement comprised interviews, group sessions and workshops. The purpose of these was to determine strengths, weaknesses and propose changes. The resulting data was collected, analysed, grouped and graphically represented as a 5 point radar graph, shown below:

The red line shows the expected target for an experienced content team in their industry. The blue line shows the team average for each datum. The datum included process efficiency, content, insights, quality and brands. Where the blue line score lowers than the red line highlights room for improvement.

Each datum was further broken down into twelve constituent components (graph not shown). ImproveCX then facilitated a brainstorming session with the group to explore how each component could be improved. Using a combination of industry best practices, observed client behaviour and ImproveCX's expert experience, an action plan was created and articulated in an insight report.

A walk through of this initial insight report was presented to the whole team to facilitate extra discussions, which were fed back into the final report.

The top four points which were discussed during the walk-through were:

1. #KM governance recommendations to better define process and workflow of content lifecycle.

2. Using #analytics insights to determine the value of content and removing the content of low value and viewed infrequently.

3. The impact of using more video and #chatbots to promote web self-service, customer experience, customer service, reduce escalations and improve call deflection.

4. Search and content optimisation.

The final insight report was created following the walk-through meeting. The report contained detailed action plan, which the client used to create a prioritised task list.

ImproveCX monitored progress at 30, 60 and 90-day intervals and provided feedback to the client. The client was encouraged to make small incremental changes that allowed business as usual activities to continue and enabled the team to measure the effect of that change.

Results of executing the plan

The top 3 improvements in the period were:

1. Increased customer satisfaction as measured by #NetPromoter Scores and #Customer Satisfaction survey.

2. Content quality improved as measured by higher ratings and better search results.

3. Increased call deflections by web self-service measured by an increase in questions asked online and a reduction in calls to the call centre.

These improvements and many others resulted in the team being recognised and rewarded by senior stakeholders for their contribution. This resulted in increased team morale.

About our #KM Workshop

Interested in our #KM workshop? Our content workshops focus on industry expertise. Typically conducted over three days with follow up at 30, 60, 90 days intervals. To discuss your needs and pricing contact us.

Click the link to request the first 5 pages of the content insight report


As the time between innovation and imitation shrinks, the key differentiator is Customer Experience. At ImproveCX, we specialise in identifying and improving critical interactions; we do so by being close to consumers, understanding new technologies and markets, and based on our experience to know what's likely to happen next.

Please reach out to me at if you want to learn more.

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