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RBS Content Lead shares tips on excellence in Knowledge Management

James Summersall, award winning Content Lead Manager at RBS Digital shares his experiences for excellence in knowledge management with Raj Patel, Co-Founder of ImproveCX in this edited short video (4 mins) see below:

To see the full version of the video interview and to get a bonus 5 page example of one of our Knowledge Management insight report please register here.

In this video interview - James, talks about the importance of having a good content inventory, ensuring that is optimised and easy to find. He explains that knowledge management is not a one off exercise in getting information into a system but a dynamic process where the customer is at the very heart of why that knowledge is created.

Furthermore, James explains the importance of providing knowledge in what he describes as the "Channel of choice"; whether that be in-person, on the desktop, on mobile, on tablet or over the phone - anywhere in fact.

His team is focused on improving content and providing the very best customer experience on their online journeys. He says that any Knowledge Management System must be designed to make this easy to achieve and that is is important to leverage experts to gain insights and make improvements.

James talks about the importance of customer ratings and verbatim feedback and other insights to improve content. He goes on to explain that he has seen a three fold increase in positive feedback at RBS Digital over the last 5 years

While the focus is very much on the customer and their needs, he is aware that the KMS they have deployed has offered huge cost savings and support benefits to RBS.

He estimates that his online digital content team of seven members has successfully handled the equivalent number of calls that would otherwise require a 200+ person full-time Call-Centre.

In recent times, the team has ventured into creating more online banking video content on YouTube. This has provided to be very popular and is served through search results on their online banking platform as well as by Google.

What about the future?

James predicts that Artificial Intelligence will be "big" and goes on to say the RBS has already started using this technology with Chatbots.

In you want to learn more plus see the full version of the video interview and receive a bonus 5 page example of one of our Knowledge Management insight report please register here.


As the time between innovation and imitation shrinks, the key differentiator is Customer Experience. At ImproveCX, we specialise in identifying and improving critical interactions; we do so by being close to consumers, understanding new technologies and markets, and based on our experience to know what's likely to happen next.

Please reach out to me at if you want to learn more.

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